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What Is Government Reaction To Cannabis Legalization Updates Canada

Legalization of cannabis under the Cannabis Act of 2018 is now in full effect. People who are over 18 years can now possess a dried form of the drug in public without breaking the laws if it does not exceed 30 grams.  It is not lost on observers that in the fourth month after the legalization of recreational cannabis online dispensary canada, the first Canadian government during pot legalized period is still working on straightening the twists in the supply chain to allow total enforcement of new rules. It is out of a realization that it is risky for the country to allow too much freedom on buying, possession, use, and sharing of cannabis.

  • The federal government had even before the legislation to regulate cannabis listed key objectives before the historic shift. Its goals included these key objectives:
  • curbing the illegal sale of cannabis
  • Keeping the drug from access by the children and teenagers
  • Ensuring that supplies of pot are safe and of quality across the country

The latest cannabis legalization updates Canada from the federal government are some acts that point to regulating people’s behavior even as they enjoy a right to access cannabis. These acts include:

Reducing the number of offenders with criminal records

Reducing the burden of cannabis possession online dispensary of canada on the justice system is one of the grounds for the Cannabis Act. The federal government intends to pardon Canadians with criminal records for possessing up to 30 grams of cannabis.  The legislation to make things simpler was one of the things that Canadians expected at the end of 2018 but did not take place before MPs went for a break. Those eligible for a pardon if this legislation becomes a law can apply soon as it becomes a law without application fees or a waiting period.

Eliminating the illegal sale of cannabis

Elimination of illegal pot sales is a long term objective of Cannabis Act, but it has encountered hiccups. The police department has been issuing numerous warnings and raiding selling points across the country as sellers are not adhering to the law. The cause is likely to be a delay in supply at this time of high demand; hence consumers turn to illegal dispensaries.

Implementing Bill C-46 reforms

Bill-C-46 outlined comprehensive reforms to criminal code for impaired driving that made the act criminal offense legalization of cannabis The bill sets the prohibited blood concentrations of THC (the major psychoactive compound in cannabis) for the drivers. It also outlines the penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment. Police now have authority to demand roadside screening using a saliva sample.

2019 is the first full year for Canadians to enjoy legal cannabis and many developments from excitement and controlling the use are likely to take happen.  The government at the federal and provincial level must be ready to introduce legislation that prevents abuse of marijuana legalization.