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Understanding The Differences Between Marijuana And CBD

When you start to have a look at the Differences between marijuana and CBD, it is important for you to first get to know the importance of online dispensary Canada marijuana and how it has become a very commonly used drug. Thanks to its legalization in some countries, its popularity keeps on growing every single day. However, as much as many people still indulge in the use of marijuana, not so many people understand the two ingredients that make it up which is mainly THC and CBD. These two compounds are very important and are known as cannabinoids. They are usually the main key when it comes to the creation of the different strains of marijuana that come with different effects on the body.

What you need to understand

CBD is a primary ingredient that is found in online dispensary canada marijuana. What this simply means is that the compound is considered to be nonpsychoactive which means that they do not give the high feeling effect like what THC does. However, it is important for you to take note that CBD does not have effects that are noticeable in the human brain. This is why it is a really hot topic, especially in the medical world.

Because of the fact that it does not cause any kind of impairment compared to what THC is able to do. This is why CBD is making numerous changes in the medical world and it is been used as a kind of medical treatment to those people who are suffering from various medical conditions. Some of the most common health issues that CBD is able to treat include things like anxiety disorders, depression, and similar issues. There are drugs like Epidiolex which are CBD based that have come into the market which was recently cleared by the FDA in the treatment of epilepsy.

How does it affect the human brain?

As THC is able to settle in a snuggly manner into cannabinoid 1 receptor CBD is not able to fit. What happens is that CBD works in a manner that blocks the receptors which in turn prevents the other compounds like THC to be able to trigger them. CBD is actually very effective when it comes to preventing someone from having the high feeling.  Another thing is that CBD is also known to increase the different levels of the cannabinoid that naturally occur in the human brain. What it does is that it tends to increase the levels of anandamide which plays a major role in the regulation of dopamine and serotonin. When there is this increase, then CBD, in turn, ends up increasing the regulatory actions that are usually given out by those chemicals that tend to trigger one’s emotions.